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“My involvement in what Charles has been doing since 1997, only started around 6 years ago when we decided that what we were achieving using the programs had changed the face of our lives but also tens of thousands of people’s lives that Charles had helped.

My role has been primarily managerial, with some involvement in producing Charles’ TV series, coordinating his appearances, mentoring and other engagements.

In 2009 , Charles and I formulated a plan to develop a Residential Retreat program . Our medical and psychological team, Charles and psychologist Jenny Brookes, then put together this wonderful program.

2010 saw the launch of the  Retreat Program. My role as coordinator of the Retreat Program is to plan every Retreat and to be present at all Retreats in order to ensure that every attendee enjoys the experience and benefits from the incredible program we have created.

What we achieve in just three days is unbelievable. We see eight to ten attendees arrive, anxious and concerned and over those three days, we witness transformations that happen so quickly and are so dramatic, that even the attending partners or parents are often shocked.

This is why I gave up a career in TV – the incredible results produced are just so inspiring… Charles was told, like most sufferers, that he would never be anxiety free, that ‘coping strategies’ and ‘management’ would always be the only options; but, through this program and the dedication of an amazing team of professionals, what we achieve defies everything he and all our clients are told. 

The thousands of testimonials we receive are testament to an enormous monument in the history of the treatment of high anxiety conditions”

Beth Linden – Retreats Director