Psychologist – Jenny Brookes Msc

In this video, Jenny explains why The program is such a successful solution.

Jenny Brookes (previously Saunders) has been Head of Support and lead educator for over 6 years; Jenny is very practised at delivering our programs and has worked alongside Charles for over eight years. Jenny is a psychologist and Life Coach who has worked with blue chip companies and has vast experience leading our Residential Programs and providing distance email and phone support for many tens of thousands of our clients.

“When I first met Charles and Beth in 2003, it struck me that what they were telling me about The Linden Method made such sense.  Having experienced anxiety myself, I recognised that I had done exactly what Charles recommends. I had immediate faith and that faith in what we do has never faltered.

Since joining The Linden Centre in 2003, the team and I have supported tens of thousands of people of all ages, backgrounds and cultures from all over the world t.  Most had been told that they had to live with anxiety and I know this is not the case.  A lot of people come to us as a last resort, but I always tell those clients that this is ‘the end of the road’ because I know what we do works; as long as you implement it.

When people enquire about our programmes they are naturally cautious, especially as they have often spent a lot of time, money and energy attempting to find a cure for their anxiety and have invariably been disappointed.  Often, family, friends and partners are worried, they are concerned that their loved one could become disappointed again, but after we have reassured them and answered their questions, they soon realise that they can rely on us to help them to return to being completely non anxious.

From the support that we offer at the Centre, our provision has now grown to providing clients with an Anxiety Recovery Retreat, which has been a most wonderful experience for all of us; not only because we are able to meet some of our amazing clients, but also because we can then, personally, support them to total recovery over the 3 days that we are with them.  Arriving worried and anxious wondering whether the Retreat is going to work for them… to leaving on the Friday both excited and exhilarated, knowing how to live a fulfilling, non anxious life… the Retreat provides what we boast and of that we are extremely proud.

The encouraging and positive words we hear from clients at the end of the Retreats is enough for us all.

From a personal perspective I could not put my name and support to something that didn’t work.  Having seen thousands of clients get rid of their anxiety over the years and having been witness to the changes in our clients, I know what we do works and I am proud to be involved with it.”

Jenny Brookes MSc – Psychologist – Life Coach – Head of TLM Support Services and Learning

jennybrookesJenny Brookes is a consultant psychologist and graduate member of the BPS. Jenny is also a founder member of the Special group in Coaching and a graduate member of the Division of Occupational Psychology for the BPS. Jenny is our Head of Support and Course Leader at the Anxiety Retreats.