Anxiety Recovery Expert – Author – TV Presenter – Radio Guest – Consultant

In his session with your 3 person group at the Retreat, Charles give you the full benefit of his unmatched knowledge…

I will tell you EXACTLY how to quickly overcome anxiety, panic, phobias, obsessions and depression.

I will explain the physiology and psychology involved and I will make it simple to understand and even simpler to use, in order to make your recovery fast and permanent.

I teach kids of six years how to do this… it’s simple and it works.



But who is Charles?

Charles is a stress and anxiety recovery consultant to actors, film companies, football and other sports clubs, TV companies and corporates.

Charles is an ex sufferer who developed a curative approach to anxiety disorders and stress that is now the world’s only dedicated, accredited anxiety disorder therapy, LAR.

Charles’ work takes him around the world, often finding himself in the living rooms, dressing rooms and anti-rooms of the rich and famous, famous, infamous and high-powered.

Charles is on ‘speed-dial’ of many influential people’s phones and is called into provide fast and effective recovery coaching when people become overwhelmed by inappropriate fear and stress.

Charles has been a consultant back stage and in front of the cameras on TV shows, his own TV series and the dozens of DVDs, videos and online programs and resources he has been involved with.

Charles’ videos have been watched by many millions of people from around the world and when last looked at, we couldn’t find a country in the world in which one of Charles’ clients didn’t live.

Hay House publishing call Charles “the world’s most influential authority on anxiety recovery” and we believe he might just be.

When clients name their children after you and send you donations, the most generous gifts and invite you to their weddings and birthday parties, some in the Hollywood Hills, you know there is something very special going on.

Charles’ suffering has created a gift for all sufferers – A true, scientific, simple, supportive and curatively successful recovery program that changes lives.


Who are we and why do we know what we do works?

The World’s Most Influential Authority on Anxiety
…….Hay House Publishing

Charles has cured over 170,000 people worldwide and counting
…….The Times

Charles Linden… the Allen Carr of anxiety
…….The Times

Try and find another person with such a massive following, such a massive quantity of testimonials and such a huge array of supporters… you won’t.
  • Over 2 Million Sufferers Have Used His Resources and Programs
  • Hay House Author
  • Anxiety Expert to Celebrities, Media, & TV/Film Studios
  • Self Published Author of dozens of titles viewed by millions of people
  • TV Presenter and TV Series Producer/Hoast
  • Radio Guest
  • Columnist & Agony Uncle
  • Millions of Views on Youtube
  • Developer of Thousands of Video, Written & Audio Resources
  • Developer of World’s Leading Residential Recovery Programs
  • Developer of The Linden Method
  • Developer of The World’s First Anxiety Recovery Coaching Qualification
  • Tens of thousands of testimonials, reviews ans statements
  • Trials confirm that Charles’ programmes produce massive reductions in anxiety levels in clients

More about Charles’ work

Thousands of people including celebrities and sports-people have used Charles’ resources and programs and go on to provide the most amazing reviews, statements and support.

Charles travels between Europe and the West coast of the USA to attend events, hold client sessions, attend media events and to fly the flag for anxiety disorder sufferers everywhere.

Charles is an outspoken ex sufferer who tolerated 27 years of anxiety before creating his own recovery whilst medicated and receiving regular ‘therapy’ sessions. Realising that neither drugs nor therapy were the answer, Charles has gone on to develop what psychologists call ‘a new branch of psychological practice’.

Referred to  worldwide by doctors, psychologists and institutions

Charles’ Method is now used and referred to by doctors and psychologists world-over. The obvious curative success of the programme has meant that sufferers’ recoveries have compelled others to recommend it to others.



bookThe programme is also used by government agencies eager to reach the long-term unemployed. Falling under NICE guidelines CG-113, Charles’ programmes are administered by qualified psychologists and psychotherapists and are considered to be the ‘new treatment of choice’ by those who practice.

Charles Created a Qualification in Anxiety Disorder Recovery

In 2013 Charles developed the world’s first qualification in Anxiety Disorder Recovery through the NCFE at Level 4 – this means that trained practitioners can now administer the solution in the field in a variety of healthcare, educational, corporate and forces settings.

This therapeutic approach is unique in content, delivery and curative outcomes. Clinical trials demonstrated 100% efficacy with an average outcome of complete anxiety reocvery.

LAR has become the world’s first and only dedicated, accredited anxiety disorder treatment therapy.

The programme is available as a home learning or residential course and qualifications will be awarded to those who pass the course work and demonstrate that they can deliver the programme to a very high standard in order to maximise patient engagement and curative outcomes.


A few of Charles’ clients speak out

Charles working with Gok Wan on his TV show

Charles with Lady Jemma Mornington (Kidd)

Charles with Ricki Lake at her show in Los Angeles