Charles Linden gives you a guided tour of the Anxiety Recovery Retreat.

With the experience of treating over 170,000 anxiety sufferers, our aim is for you to leave our retreat with a new found sense of calm and fulfillment, excited about your life instead of scared to live it to the full.

During the program, retreat psychologist Jenny Saunders MSc, Beth Linden and Retreat Host Jackie Anderson, will provide you with every comfort. Jackie will be available at all times and as an ex sufferer and knows how you are feeling and what you need to maximise your experience at the retreat.

Beth Linden, Charles’ wife and director at The Linden centres will also be available to talk with sufferers and their carers/partners should they require guidance. After the Retreat is over our support staff will be available by phone or email to assist you should you require it.

Charles Linden’s Fast Track Session

“I will tell you EXACTLY how to cure your anxiety disorder in the shortest possible time!” Charles

“For many years now, I have been dreaming of creating a program for sufferers which would provide a short, simple, but powerful process. When I see clients face to face, they usually experience a profound shift in their anxiety levels, often leaving feeling well on the way to being anxiety free. I have often thought about the dramatic turn around we could provide if we could have access to sufferers for a longer period of time in a gentle but seamless program that maximises beneficial results… it was a dream but, my dream has come true in the form of this retreat. In my session with you, I will tell you EXACTLY how to cure your anxiety disorder in the shortest possible time!” Charles Linden

You’ll never feel alone or anxious…

Anxiety specialists will be available throughout the program should anyone wish to ask questions at any time. Time is always made for delicate issues to be addressed in private. Other specialists, who will contribute to the retreat program, will also be available throughout the day to attend to any specific questions.

What do you receive?

  • 4 Days (3 Nights) in The Elms Retreat and Spa for you and/or a friend/family member (Small suppliment for children’s food)
  • Personally delivered advice and reasurance by Charles and Beth Linden
  • All meals and refreshments (other family members may, at times, need to order additional drinks. Alcohol not provided)
  • All use of the Spa facilities for all and spa treatment included for the client
  • Daily anxiety program structured sessions with Jenny Brookes
  • Fast Track – Video presentation by Charles Linden
  • Sessions covering anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia, OCD, Pure O, derealization/depersonalization
  • Sessions with our breathing, and posture specialists
  • Your partner/family member receives a ‘Partners Session’ with Beth Linden/Jenny Brookes (if the client wishes)
  • Snacks and fruit throughout the course
  • Goody bag of resources to take away
  • All of our printed programme material in advance
  • Constant guidance and reassurance from our staff
  • Constant 24 hour attendance by our Retreat Host Rob Holcraft
  • Unlimited support from our qualified staff for upto 12 months
  • Membership of the Carpe Diemers Private Club (voluntary)

The Program Structure

LAR is the process behind the Retreats – LAR is the world’s only dedicated, accredited anxiety recovery therapy.

The anxiety retreat program runs from Tuesday lunchtime, when you will be greeted by Programme Coordinator Jackie Anderson, through to Friday afternoon when you will have the opportunity to ask final questions before leaving for home. During the three days, you will attend workshops, one-to-one sessions and presentations; you will also receive spa treatments, exercise and dietary guidance and other supported guidance, to maximise your experience and expedite the benefits. The program will all be carried out by our experts.

A lot can be achieved in just three days. You will NEVER be asked to do anything that causes you to become more anxious and you will be able to withdraw and seek qualified advice at any time during the retreat, presentations, workshops or any activities.

These three days will be the best investment you have ever made in yourself.

“My wife has anxiety. She has taken antidepressant pills, also done group therapy… still no change. She’s tried The Charles Linden Method Retreat and she’s found the key to her anxiety with the help of Charles and his wonderful team. The answer is there, it’s no great mystery… ask Charles.”
David B More Testimonials

The Science

The Linden Method is a professional, accredited therapy administered by qualified practitioners.

This process works because it shows you how to undo the changes in the subconscious mind, through simple techniques, that caused your high anxiety condition to develop. There are no drugs, no hypnosis or invasive treatments involved, just simple to implement routines. Children from age 7 have done this program with ease.

Endorsements and testimonials for our programs come in thick and fast, but what Charles Linden has always strived for is recognition for developing a new branch of anxiety disorder therapy.


Our exit survey during our Retreat programmes rate immediate benefits at above 99% consistently, so we know that we ‘hit the mark’. The results speak for themselves and so do the testimonials from Retreat clients who have previously attended other residential facilities, including some very high profile clinics and hospitals.

TRIAL RESULTS – Trial results created using data crunching at Copenhagen University by psychologist Martin Jensen confirm that The Linden Method has a 100% success rate at producing recovery in compliant clients.

Here are a collection of comments from Retreat attendees. Copies of their actual feedback forms (with names ommited) are available on request.

“Life for the past 15 years has been like walking on a beach covered with quicksand… just as you feel someone is giving you a hand to pull you out of your misery, they let you go and you are back, fighting for your life. At the lowest point we found Charles. The hand he held out was strong and sure and he has ‘pulled us out of the quicksand’ He showed us the right path to take and the steps to avoid sinking back into the quicksand. Thank you so much Charles, Beth, Jenny and Gareth.” Alice N

“As a “carer”/partner my hope and desire for a solution to the “problem” is as strong as it is for the sufferer. Whilst it is early days, I leave the Retreat believing this is the beginning of the end. I’m sure I speak for my wife, the sufferer, in saying that we cannot thank Charles, Beth, Jenny and Gareth enough. They will be in our hearts forever.” David Giles, Devon


“I was looking forward with apprehension going to the Retreat and wondering could it really work???? Now I feel confident to put what I have learned into practice and look forward to an anxiety free life! Wonderful staff and other clients became like a wonderful family. Sorry to leave ;(“ Eva Giles, Devon


“From the moment we arrived at the venue we were approached by Gareth and he made us feel welcome and put us at ease. The Retreat is very well structured. It takes effort but is very rewarding. There are no miracles but this is a very positive experience. All of the team were very helpful with somebody available at all times to turn to day or night. Nobody here will do it for you but you are given the wisdom, insight and tools to make a full recovery. I am very hopeful for my partner.” Fred Spire, Ireland


“I had just about given up. I’d spent thousands on different therapies over the last 12 years and all in vain. My only regret is that I wished this Retreat was around when I became ill 12 years ago! Still, I am thankful that I found this retreat. I loved meeting Charles .. he is my saviour. He has guided me out of my illness, through kindness, understanding and best of all experience. The knowledge about anxiety disorders that Charles has gleened through his own experience, research and from helping so many sufferers is self evident. He is a very articulate and intelligent man and is an inspiration to me. Jenny’s sessions are non-patronising, highly informative and fun… I wasn’t expecting to laugh but I did many times (especially at Gareth’s jokes!!!) and I have met some lovely people who I know will be lifelong friends. I cannot recommend this Retreat enough. If you are ready to get your life back then I urge you to get along to the Elms.” Jane Deakin (38), Scotland


“For the first time I could see my way through to becoming anxiety free – a great relief.” Elizabeth


“I cannot recommend this retreat enough. To know that your loved one is being guided towards recovery by such wonderful people who actually care, well, there just aren’t words to describe this. It is also very comforting to be with other people that know exactly how you feel. This retreat is a must for anyone who suffers from anxiety because there is a light at the end of the tunnel and Charles, Beth, Jenny and Gareth will show you the way.” J. Spoore, Midlands


“If you have been looking for a cure to your thoughts and habits then you have arrived at the only method that works.” Mr D. Spoore, Midlands


“Feelings of apprehension, terror and hopelessness experienced prior to attending will be replaced by calm and a confidence that will last for the duration of the Retreat. You will feel much relief and start looking at your life more positively.” Joseph, Dublin


“Very helpful people with a desire and passion to support and nurture. Meeting other people with similar problems was very comforting too. Many thanks.” Neil, Essex


“This is the method you wish your doctor knew about, it’s simple and effective and really works fast. The team at the retreat are professional yet friendly and having shown thousands of people how to recover from anxiety, they really do understand what you are going through.” Ali Dixon. Oxon


“The ideal environment to set you on the path to recovery to give you the confidence that full recovery can be achieved.” Shane Gannon. Ireland


“We arrived feeling nervous and very anxious. Within minutes the team made us feel very welcome, relaxed and at home. A wonderful experience for both sufferer and supporter. As a supporter I gained very valuable experience also.” Cheryl. Essex


“Excellent venue. Put at ease immediately upon arrival by the ever bubbly Gareth. Eating as a group was very enjoyable and created a relaxed, excellent team spirit amongst the retreaters. Meeting Charles also gives you further belief that you will be anxiety free.” Matt M. Staffordshire


“The retreat has been wonderful in giving Jack confidence to overcome his anxiety and panic attacks and the change in his attitude in three days has been fantastic. Jenny, Beth, Gareth and Charles have been available at all times for both of us and I cant thank them enough for their support and guidance. The retreat has given me a wonderful relaxation break that was just what the doctor ordered. We are now ready to move on with our lives in the way we always enjoyed” Rina Doherty. London


“I found the experience very positive in helping me to understand how to ove forward in my life. It is much easier to interact and discuss to fully grasp these tools that can improve your quality of life. Being in a fantastic, relaxed hotel and spa also makes it much simpler to focus on moving forward.” Conrad. Essex


“For over 20 years I have tolerated high anxiety, OCD and panic attacks. I feel like I wasted so much time now after discovering that it could all be stopped so easily ” R Bennett. USA


“Highly recommended. I feel I have confidence to go forward and get my life back – Wonderful to have people on hand to give support and reassurance” Jack Doherty. London


“Historically my anxiety had led me to using alcohol as a solution to feel safe and normal again. I recovered from alcoholism 10 years ago, however, I was still left with chronic anxiety. The 3 day retreat taught me that using the Linden method I can rid myself of anxiety and enjoy living a free life again feeling safe and confident. From the moment I met the team and other clients I was in a safe environment surrounded by people just like me that understood the pain I had been in. They had been where I had been and were living proof that the method works. Previous to the retreat I felt that I was the only person who felt the way I did, my belief that I was unique immediately shattered when I heard and shared my experience with others. I no longer suffer with anxiety and now have a great set of tools that allow me to live life to the full again and deal with problems in an appropriate and rational way. In addition the retreat has heaps of laughter, great food and great relaxation treatments. Meditation allowed me a feeling of such peace I had never previously experienced. Like most great ideas it is remarkably simple to understand and implement ANYONE can use it. I urge any sufferer to take a leap and get this cure. Don’t waste another day suffering, take control of your life and happiness through the Linden method.” Philip S. Cheshire


“Very relaxing and beneficial experience. The hotel was fantastic. Lovely rooms, food and facilities. The retreat itself was excellent. There was no pressure, so anxiety levels were low. I am now 100% confident of bringing about my own recovery.” Dave Warner, Bedfordshire. UK


“Anxiety recovery retreat is a fantastic idea. Picturesque place, delicious food, nice hotel. Most important, the whole process was well organised and planned. Charles and his team were very professional. No questions or concerns were left unanswered. The atmosphere was very relaxed and informal which allowed all participants to engage fully in the process. Perfect investment to your health.” Teodore, Moscow


“Taking part in the Linden Method retreat has given me the opportunity to find ME again. I can now move forward in a more positive way. It has enabled me to return to being a fully functioning member of my family and enjoy life again.” Mrs EJ Thomas. West Yorkshire.


“Being with like-minded people and such a fun and entertaining host like Gareth made me feel alive again. I felt my anxiety melting away. I actually forgot my anxiety. I haven’t laughed this much in years… what a tonic. I feel alive again after so much suffering and I slept like I haven’t slept in years.” Anne, London


“The retreat offers a terrific, informal, relaxed environment in which to meet other people, put in place the steps to your non-anxious life, meet with Charles, Beth, Jenny and the rest of the Linden Team. Highly recommended.” Andrew, Oxfordshire, UK


“The sessions were concise and clear. Being with other sufferers was also an eye-opener – it gave me a lot of confidence and security. There was also a lot of much needed fun. I felt I could have stayed longer I enjoyed it that much.” Greg, Lancashire UK


“The retreat is a great place to relax, great food and you get the information and tools to get rid of your anxiety condition.” Mats, Norway


“I thought the retreat was amazing, I especially appreciated the talk with Beth and Jenny, it gave me lots of confidence on how to help Alan. Thank you very much to Charles, Beth, Jenny and Gareth, you’ve actually made me feel more complete as a person too. Don’t know what we would of done without you all.” Michelle and Alan, UK


“The retreat was a great experience. I felt very comfortable when I arrived in this beautiful setting. I learned how to move forward in my life surrounded by positive people. I am looking forward to see again the people I have shared this amazing experience with.” Eric, UK


“Wonderful to meet other partners/relations who have been in the same situation. The relaxed atmosphere of this wonderful hotel helped enormously and enabled all of us to sit and chat and realise that we are not alone.” Lesley, UK

Support and Guidance

Prior to attending the Retreat programme, you will also receive a copy of The Linden Method programme pack and full access to the online resources and our telephone and email support for one year should you require it… which is doubtful after attending the Retreat; however, don’t forget that the support staff also provide ‘Life after Anxiety’ guidance and coaching, so benefits can reach far beyond your recovery.


The Venue

The Elms was built in 1710
during the reign of Queen Anne, expertly designed by architect Thomas White of Worcester. White was a pupil of the renowned Sir Christopher Wren. In 1946 following over 2 centuries of family ownership, The Elms was sold and turned into a country house hotel.

More recently, 2003 saw The Elms purchased by Von Essen hotels and then in August 2007, The Elms became the fifth member of the Luxury Family retreat and spa it is today. The Elms today provides families with a unique combination of superb OFSTED registered childcare, great family facilities, delicious food and wine, a beautiful Spa and understated yet attentive service in a seductive and luxurious setting.

Set in the most beautiful countryside overlooking the Teme Valley in rural Worcestershire, this historic ex stately home is now one of the country’s most elegant and peaceful rural retreats.

The homely atmosphere complete with the spa’s cat and dog, Wellington boot collection and library, provides our retreat attendees, not only, with the opportunity to recover, but also to be accompanied by their partner,
carer, companion and even their children, if they so wish.

The spa has a creche with qualified staff to care for your children whilst you attend the Retreat workshops and program. This facility also provides your partner with the opportunity to attend a ‘partner’s session’ or take good advantage of the sports and leisure facilities.

The grounds over look the Teme valley and are complete with an outdoor cooking demonstration area (open in good weather), seating and play areas, vegetable gardens and a ‘secret garden’.

The Retreat and spa offers everyone peace, tranquility and wonderful treatments, all under one roof.

There are activities for children run by spa staff and opportunities to take the spa dog for a walk too.

When staying at The Elms, you’re never short of things to do.

Supervised fun and games for the ‘littlies’ in The Den include painting, cooking, face-painting, hand and leaf painting, flower pot painting, glass painting, t-shirt painting, cress heads, masks, calendars, card and puppet making, Halloween party games, Easter egg hunts and so much more. Always stocked with all sorts of toys and activities, The Den is heaven for younger children.

For older children, there’s an air hockey machine, tabletop football and board games. There’s also an Xbox. Outside, there’s children’s croquet, outdoor table tennis, football nets and a trampoline, as well as a spectacular outdoor adventure playground.

Our aim is to provide anxiety disorder sufferers with an environment conducive to benefiting as effectively as possible in which they can feel relaxed both alone and with family or partners if they so wish.

It is vital that Charles’ guests feel as comfortable, reassured, supported and safe whilst attending the Retreat; as an ex sufferer, Charles knows only too well, what anxiety sufferers need.


Retreat information request for

If you would like one of our Anxiety Retreat Team to call you with details of our programs, please fill in the
form below or call the Program Coordinator, Jo Goodchild on 01562 732078.