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[h2]Anxiety Retreat[/h2]
With the experience and success of treating over 150,000 anxiety sufferers, our aim is for you to leave our retreat with a new found sense of calm and fulfillment, excited about your life, not scared to expereince life to the full.

There is only one cause of anxiety conditions in humans and therefore, only one cure; and it’s the exact same process that every recovered sufferer has had to follow… there is no other solution. This isn’t opinion, it’s psycho-physiological fact based on neuroscience and psychology.

All we do is show you how you can, in effect, ‘short cut’ that process.


Jenny Brookes

During the program, retreat psychologist Jenny Saunders MSc, Beth Linden and Retreat Host Robert Page, will provide you with every comfort. Rob will be available at all times and as an ex sufferer, Rob knows how you are feeling and what you need to maximise your experience at the retreat.

Beth Linden, Charles’ wife and director at Anxiety Recovery Retreat will also be available to talk with sufferers and their carers/partners should they require guidance. After the retreat is over, our support team will continue to guide you (should you need it).


“For many years now, I have been dreaming of creating a residential program for sufferers which would provide a short, simple, but powerful learning process. When I see clients face to face, they usually experience a profound shift in their anxiety levels, often leaving feeling anxiety free or at least, well on the way to full recovery. I have often thought about the dramatic turn around we could provide if we could have access to sufferers for a longer period of time in a gentle but seamless program that ensures dramatic results… it was a dream but, my dream has come true in the form of this retreat.”
Charles Linden


Anxiety specialists will be available throughout the program should anyone wish to ask questions at any time. Time is always made for delicate issues to be addressed in private. Other specialists, who will contribute to the retreat program, will also be available throughout the day to attend to any specific questions.


The Program Structure

The anxiety retreat program runs from Tuesday evening, when you will be greeted by Program Coordinator Rob Page, through to Friday afternoon when you will have the opportunity to ask final questions before leaving for home. During the three days, you will attend workshops and presentations; you will also receive spa treatments, exercise and dietary guidance and other supported guidance, to maximise your experience and expedite the benefits. The program will be carried out by our experts.

A lot can be achieved in just three days. You will NEVER be asked to do anything that causes you to become more anxious and you will be able to withdraw and seek qualified advice at any time during the retreat, presentations, workshops or any activities.

These three days will be the best investment you have ever made in yourself.


“My wife has anxiety. She has taken antidepressant pills, also done group therapy… still no change. She’s tried The Charles Linden Method Retreat and she’s found the key to her anxiety with the help of Charles and his wonderful team. The answer is there, it’s no great mystery… ask Charles.”
David B More Testimonials


The Science

This process works because it teaches you to undo those changes in the subconscious mind, through simple techniques, that caused your high anxiety condition to develop. There are no drugs, no hypnosis or invasive treatments involved, just simple to implement routines. Children from age 7 have done this program with ease.

Endorsements and testimonials for our programs come in thick and fast, but what Charles Linden has always strived for is recognition for developing a new branch of anxiety disorder therapy.



Our exit survey during our Retreat programs rate immediate benefits at above 95% consistently, so we know that we ‘hit the mark’. The results speak for themselves and so do the testimonials from Retreat clients who have previously attended other residential facilities, including some very high profile clinics and hospitals.

Below are a collection of voluntarily provided statements by some of the Retreat guests. Copies of the actual forms (with client details removed) are available on request.


Alice N

David Giles, Devon

Eva Giles, Devon

Fred Spire, Ireland

Jane Deakin (38), Scotland


J. Spoore, Midlands

Mr D. Spoore, Midlands

Joseph, Dublin

Neil, Essex

Shane Gannon. Ireland

Cheryl. Essex

Matt M. Staffordshire

Conrad. Essex

R Bennett. USA

Jack Doherty. London

Philip S. Cheshire

Dave Warner, Bedfordshire. UK

Teodore, Moscow

Mrs EJ Thomas. West Yorkshire.

Anne, London

Andrew, Oxfordshire, UK

Greg, Lancashire UK

Mats, Norway

Michelle and Alan, UK

Eric, UK

Lesley, UK


Support and Guidance

Prior to attending the Retreat program, you will also receive a copy of The Linden Method program pack and full access to the online resources and our telephone and email support for one year should you require it… which is doubtful after attending the Retreat; however, don’t forget that the support staff also provide ‘Life after Anxiety’ guidance and coaching.



Two Day Residential Program

Located at Bockencote Hall in Worcestershire, our two day Workshop will give clients the opportunity to experience a fast track compliance training program. Led by our in house psychologist Jenny Brookes, this program will immerse clients in our program ethos, allowing them to ask any questions they may have and experience, first hand, an environment in which clients are able to ‘LIVE’ the process.

The program will include workshops and a number of classes and optional extras to make the experience educational and relaxing to all clients and their accompanying partners/guests.

If they wish, partners can attend the ‘Partners Session’, in which they will have the opportunity to ask questions and understand the structure and program their loved ones are following.

For more information about this Workshop program, please contact us using the telephone number or the form below.


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If you would like one of our Anxiety Retreat Team to call you with details of our programs, please fill in the
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