The Retreats Venue

A show around the Retreats venue with Charles Linden

When I ordered the linden method and read charles's story I thought I was reading a biography of myself... This method works plain and simple; I haven't had a panic attack in two years, charles linden is a godsend and a humanitarian....

GOD Bless Charles.....

TUS (Facebook)


Life is just great now, I go places, I rock at work, the best life has to offer.

You can do yourself and the method..then its only a matter of time. wish you well.  Peace."



My son has just started using your method and has had immediate success. After 6 years of hell he is now getting his life back. It is the best birthday /Christmas present he and his family can ever have. Thank you SO MUCH. 

L. Steel


Just wanted to tell you Charles, that your method was instrumental in my recovery from a nervous breakdown about two years ago- to the point where even my psychiatrist was amazed and agreed to take me off all my medication!

Having used your relaxation exercises to enable me to travel and fly to new places, as well as one which i would've previously avoided,- thank you for giving me my life back, as well as allowing me to seek out new challenges, as well as conquering those on the horizon with vigour and vitality!

Many thanks


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