A Selection of Retreat Client Comments

All statements on this website are provided by clients voluntarily. No one has received financial or other benefits by providing their statement. Full copies of the feedback forms on which many of these statements were made can be provided on request.These are by no means a claim by Anxiety Retreats of efficacy, they are simply the words of our attending clients.

Jeff Naples – Retreat Client

Jeff came to the Retreat after many years of suffering from high anxiety and panic attacks. Jeff describes his recovery in his own words.

  I feel now that I have the understanding and knowledge to return to a fulfilling life, rather than watching from behind the glass. I am looking forward to throwing myself back into life! – Elaine Pringl

Such a wonderful accessible course – it has really opened my eyes to how to live a more fulfilling and enjoyable life, and the anxiety has gone away naturally through the whole process. With such a great team to guide you through the Retreat it is impossible not to recover! – Neelam

  The Retreat has enabled me to confront issues which have caused considerable damage to me and stress close to me. I leave with a fresh vision and a plan to change and take control of my life. – Neil Boss

  On day one, arriving on my own, I was anxious, apprehensive, nervous and fearful. By the last day I felt stronger, positive and looking forward to the changes ahead and a new anxiety free life. Rob and Jenny are amazing. There are no better two people to help us through this and I am so thankful for their guidance and support. – Vicky

 I came to the Retreat feeling extremely nervous, saying over and over again “this will never work”! How wrong I was. By day two I just knew that this WAS going to work and it was ME that was going to make it happen – A real Eureka moment! Thanks to everyone – totally life changing. – Janet Verrall

 After living the life we have lived for many years and with my Wife as an anxiety sufferer, I have known nothing different and it became normal life. From the start of the Retreat with everyone arriving as strangers and obviously affected by their condition to the difference at the end of the four days, I have been amazed. Not just the change in my Wife but the change in everyone on the course was one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. I have made many new friends and have never in my life been amongst a more genuine lovely bunch of people. The change in my Wife and everyone else on this Retreat was unbelievable. Jed Pringle – A Truly Relaxed Husband! Living abroad whilst my daughter was studying in England was always going to be difficult. However when she started suffering with panic attacks, it was extremely difficult and I was in complete despair. We were offered the Retreat programme and I can honestly say that it has turned my Daughters life around. I feel very confident that she now has the tools and determination to finally put her anxiety to bed and get on with her life. This programme should be available to all sufferers. There are no doubt hundreds and thousands of people who are suffering with a range of anxiety disorders which lead to a life of pain and misery. The Linden Method Retreat can cure them within days and we must ask why isn’t this programme readily available for every sufferer! – Mrs Kay – A Happy Mother.

“Life for the past 15 years has been like walking on a beach covered with quicksand… just as you feel someone is giving you a hand to pull you out of your misery, they let you go and you are back, fighting for your life. At the lowest point we found Charles. The hand he held out was strong and sure and he has ‘pulled us out of the quicksand’ He showed us the right path to take and the steps to avoid sinking back into the quicksand. Thank you so much Charles, Beth, Jenny and Gareth.”

“As a “carer”/partner my hope and desire for a solution to the “problem” is as strong as it is for the sufferer. Whilst it is early days, I leave the Retreat believing this is the beginning of the end. I’m sure I speak for my wife, the sufferer, in saying that we cannot thank Charles, Beth, Jenny and Gareth enough. They will be in our hearts forever.” David Giles, Devon

“I was looking forward with apprehension going to the Retreat and wondering could it really work???? Now I feel confident to put what I have learned into practice and look forward to an anxiety free life! Wonderful staff and other clients became like a wonderful family. Sorry to leave ;(“ Eva Giles, Devon


“From the moment we arrived at the venue we were approached by Gareth and he made us feel welcome and put us at ease. The Retreat is very well structured. It takes effort but is very rewarding. There are no miracles but this is a very positive experience. All of the team were very helpful with somebody available at all times to turn to day or night. Nobody here will do it for you but you are given the wisdom, insight and tools to make a full recovery. I am very hopeful for my partner.” Fred Spire, Ireland

“I had just about given up. I’d spent thousands on different therapies over the last 12 years and all in vain. My only regret is that I wished this Retreat was around when I became ill 12 years ago! Still, I am thankful that I found this retreat. I loved meeting Charles .. he is my saviour. He has guided me out of my illness, through kindness, understanding and best of all experience. The knowledge about anxiety disorders that Charles has gleened through his own experience, research and from helping so many sufferers is self evident. He is a very articulate and intelligent man and is an inspiration to me. Jenny’s sessions are non-patronising, highly informative and fun… I wasn’t expecting to laugh but I did many times (especially at Gareth’s jokes!!!) and I have met some lovely people who I know will be lifelong friends. I cannot recommend this Retreat enough. If you are ready to get your life back then I urge you to get along to the Elms.” Jane Deakin (38), Scotland

“For the first time I could see my way through to becoming anxiety free – a great relief.” Elizabeth

“I cannot recommend this retreat enough. To know that your loved one is being guided towards recovery by such wonderful people who actually care, well, there just aren’t words to describe this. It is also very comforting to be with other people that know exactly how you feel. This retreat is a must for anyone who suffers from anxiety because there is a light at the end of the tunnel and Charles, Beth, Jenny and Gareth will show you the way.” J. Spoore, Midlands

Donna Naples

Donna came to the Retreat with her husband Jeff who had suffered with high anxiety and panic attacks for many years. Jeff’s anxiety was cured during the programme.

“If you have been looking for a cure to your thoughts and habits then you have arrived at the only method that works.” Mr D. Spoore, Midlands

“Feelings of apprehension, terror and hopelessness experienced prior to attending will be replaced by calm and a confidence that will last for the duration of the Retreat. You will feel much relief and start looking at your life more positively.” Joseph, Dublin

Letter from our Saudi Arabian Retreat Guest Usama October 2010 Retreat. (letter shown as received.)

My story of recovery “I don’t know how to start, but I will try to make it short. I was suffering from anxiety and panic attack for more than 12 years, I tried everything to be a normal person including medication and psychotherapy, but at that time I felt like I was controlled by something. I never feel the true life in that period, after these 12 years while I was searching the internet I found the Linden Method, directly I bought it , when I read it I felt like a big door opened for me, it explained everything that I was suffering from, I believed in it . I read the pack 4 times to absorb the Method, because English is not my mother language, it took me one month to understand everything, every day I felt improvement , I felt like this is first time for me that I feel the true life, but still I was feeling that something was missing, I was sure that I miss something because I was not 100% well. At that time I went back to the website of Linden Method to have an answer. I found The Anxiety Recovery Retreat, directly I decided to go for it to answer the question in my mind about the Method. Yes it is a far distant to travel to UK from Saudi Arabia and costly, but I decided to go because I was sure that it worth it, it took 15 hours travelling time to reach the retreat site. I found the hotel “retreat place” excellent, I never saw hotel like this you feel that it is your home, quite place with beautiful views around the hotel; I was very relaxed especially with the warm welcome from Beth and Gareth. The program was very well prepared the people there very nice and with high attitude. It is very effective to set and live with people feeling like you it is very reassuring. The session was very important, every day I feel happier. Jenny was excellent in everything, the way of giving the lectures, always smiling, she knows the feeling of every participant, when I want to explain anything for her she get it very quickly … I can’t explain how much she is great. Beth was the soul of the program she make me feel that I am with my family really it was difficult when the program ended to leave; I think she is the kindest person I ever met. Between the sessions there were a man you find him everywhere always helping, serious when you need him serious and funny all the time he is Gareth he makes you laugh and happy I think no one can’t be happy with him, he is intelligent in three days he could learn a lot of Arabic words and even he could write his name in Arabic,, he is a good friend and he can help anyone to answer any question about the method. The special session with Charles, I can’t explain how much is effective but I want to say that I am a dentist I met a lot of doctors and psychotherapist even famous ones, like Charles I never found, I mean the way of listening to me I feel he is here for me alone he gives me the time that I need, he didn’t ends the session like what all the doctors do , he wait for me to finish from all the question in my mind , then he answer them , his answers are really stick in my mind and make a change. At the end I want to thank Charles, Beth, Jenny, Gareth and Jennie B for the great hospitality, what I get from them is far greater than what I was expecting. I don’t have enough words to thank them all, thank you my darlings…” Usama from Saudi Arabia

“Very helpful people with a desire and passion to support and nurture. Meeting other people with similar problems was very comforting too. Many thanks.” Neil, Essex

“This is the method you wish your doctor knew about, it’s simple and effective and really works fast. The team at the retreat are professional yet friendly and having shown thousands of people how to recover from anxiety, they really do understand what you are going through.” Ali Dixon. Oxon

Ali Dixon

Ali came to the Anxiety Recovery Retreat with high anxiety and panic attacks. Listen to her account of her recovery

“The ideal environment to set you on the path to recovery to give you the confidence that full recovery can be achieved.” Shane Gannon. Ireland

“We arrived feeling nervous and very anxious. Within minutes the team made us feel very welcome, relaxed and at home. A wonderful experience for both sufferer and supporter. As a supporter I gained very valuable experience also.” Cheryl. Essex

Excellent venue. Put at ease immediately upon arrival by the ever bubbly Gareth. Eating as a group was very enjoyable and created a relaxed, excellent team spirit amongst the retreaters. Meeting Charles also gives you further belief that you will be anxiety free.” Matt M. Staffordshire

The retreat has been wonderful in giving Jack confidence to overcome his anxiety and panic attacks and the change in his attitude in three days has been fantastic. Jenny, Beth, Gareth and Charles have been available at all times for both of us and I cant thank them enough for their support and guidance. The retreat has given me a wonderful relaxation break that was just what the doctor ordered. We are now ready to move on with our lives in the way we always enjoyed” Rina Doherty. London

I found the experience very positive in helping me to understand how to ove forward in my life. It is much easier to interact and discuss to fully grasp these tools that can improve your quality of life. Being in a fantastic, relaxed hotel and spa also makes it much simpler to focus on moving forward.” Conrad. Essex

For over 20 years I have tolerated high anxiety, OCD and panic attacks. I feel like I wasted so much time now after discovering that it could all be stopped so easily ” R Bennett. USA

Highly recommended. I feel I have confidence to go forward and get my life back – Wonderful to have people on hand to give support and reassurance” Jack Doherty. London

Historically my anxiety had led me to using alcohol as a solution to feel safe and normal again. I recovered from alcoholism 10 years ago, however, I was still left with chronic anxiety. The 3 day retreat taught me that using the Linden method I can rid myself of anxiety and enjoy living a free life again feeling safe and confident. From the moment I met the team and other clients I was in a safe environment surrounded by people just like me that understood the pain I had been in. They had been where I had been and were living proof that the method works. Previous to the retreat I felt that I was the only person who felt the way I did, my belief that I was unique immediately shattered when I heard and shared my experience with others. I no longer suffer with anxiety and now have a great set of tools that allow me to live life to the full again and deal with problems in an appropriate and rational way. In addition the retreat has heaps of laughter, great food and great relaxation treatments. Meditation allowed me a feeling of such peace I had never previously experienced. Like most great ideas it is remarkably simple to understand and implement ANYONE can use it. I urge any sufferer to take a leap and get this cure. Don’t waste another day suffering, take control of your life and happiness through the Linden method.” Philip S. Cheshire

“Very relaxing and beneficial experience. The hotel was fantastic. Lovely rooms, food and facilities. The retreat itself was excellent. There was no pressure, so anxiety levels were low. I am now 100% confident of bringing about my own recovery.” Dave Warner, Bedfordshire. UK

“Anxiety recovery retreat is a fantastic idea. Picturesque place, delicious food, nice hotel. Most important, the whole process was well organised and planned. Charles and his team were very professional. No questions or concerns were left unanswered. The atmosphere was very relaxed and informal which allowed all participants to engage fully in the process. Perfect investment to your health.” Teodore, Moscow

“Taking part in the Linden Method retreat has given me the opportunity to find ME again. I can now move forward in a more positive way. It has enabled me to return to being a fully functioning member of my family and enjoy life again.” Mrs EJ Thomas. West Yorkshire.

“Being with like-minded people and such a fun and entertaining host like Gareth made me feel alive again. I felt my anxiety melting away. I actually forgot my anxiety. I haven’t laughed this much in years… what a tonic. I feel alive again after so much suffering and I slept like I haven’t slept in years.” Anne, London

Alan Jayes – Retreat Client

Alan attended the Retreat in 2010 and made immediate improvements which led to a fast and permanent recovery.

“The retreat offers a terrific, informal, relaxed environment in which to meet other people, put in place the steps to your non-anxious life, meet with Charles, Beth, Jenny and the rest of the Linden Team. Highly recommended.” Andrew, Oxfordshire, UK

The sessions were concise and clear. Being with other sufferers was also an eye-opener – it gave me a lot of confidence and security. There was also a lot of much needed fun. I felt I could have stayed longer I enjoyed it that much.” Greg, Lancashire UK

“The retreat is a great place to relax, great food and you get the information and tools to get rid of your anxiety condition.” Mats, Norway

“I thought the retreat was amazing, I especially appreciated the talk with Beth and Jenny, it gave me lots of confidence on how to help Alan. Thank you very much to Charles, Beth, Jenny and Gareth, you’ve actually made me feel more complete as a person too. Don’t know what we would of done without you all.” Michelle and Alan, UK

“The retreat was a great experience. I felt very comfortable when I arrived in this beautiful setting. I learned how to move forward in my life surrounded by positive people. I am looking forward to see again the people I have shared this amazing experience with.” Eric, UK

“Wonderful to meet other partners/relations who have been in the same situation. The relaxed atmosphere of this wonderful hotel helped enormously and enabled all of us to sit and chat and realise that we are not alone.” Lesley, UK