Many of our clients come to our Workshops, and Retreats from around the world.

The Retreat has been booked by people from Russia, Ukraine, across Europe, Australia, India, Florida, Sweden and many other countries; so when a sufferer is serious about recovering, they are prepared to make the journey, commitment and effort to reach our retreat, knowing that the experience will change their lives.

If you are thinking of visiting the retreat from abroad, we can assist you with travel information and make sure that your stay is productive and enjoyable and that your journey to and from the retreat is simple and stress free.

Contact the Retreat Programme Coordinator, Jo Goodchild, for more details.

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Letter from our Saudi Arabian Retreat Guest Usama

October 2010 Retreat. (letter shown as received.)

The story of recovery

I don’t know how to start, but I will try to make it short.

I was suffering from anxiety and panic attack for more than 12 years, I tried everything to be a normal person including medication and psychotherapy, but at that time I felt like I was controlled by something. I never feel the true life in that period, after these 12 years while I was searching the internet I found the Linden Method, directly I bought it , when I read it I felt like a big door opened for me, it explained everything that I was suffering from, I believed in it . I read the pack 4 times to absorb the Method, because English is not my mother language, it took me one month to understand everything, every day I felt improvement , I felt like this is first time for me that I feel the true life, but still I was feeling that something was missing, I was sure that I miss something because I was not 100% well. At that time I went back to the website of Linden Method to have an answer. I found The Anxiety Recovery Retreat, directly I decided to go for it to answer the question in my mind about the Method.

Yes it is a far distant to travel to UK from Saudi Arabia and costly, but I decided to go because I was sure that it worth it, it took 15 hours travelling time to reach the retreat site.

I found the hotel “retreat place” excellent, I never saw hotel like this you feel that it is your home, quite place with beautiful views around the hotel; I was very relaxed especially with the warm welcome from Beth and Gareth.

The program was very well prepared the people there very nice and with high attitude. It is very effective to set and live with people feeling like you it is very reassuring.

The session was very important, every day I feel happier. Jenny was excellent in everything, the way of giving the lectures, always smiling, she knows the feeling of every participant, when I want to explain anything for her she get it very quickly … I can’t explain how much she is great.

Beth was the soul of the program she make me feel that I am with my family really it was difficult when the program ended to leave; I think she is the kindest person I ever met.

Between the sessions there were a man you find him everywhere always helping, serious when you need him serious and funny all the time he is Gareth he makes you laugh and happy I think no one can’t be happy with him, he is intelligent in three days he could learn a lot of Arabic words and even he could write his name in Arabic,, he is a good friend and he can help anyone to answer any question about the method.

The special session with Charles, I can’t explain how much is effective but I want to say that I am a dentist I met a lot of doctors and psychotherapist even famous ones, like Charles I never found, I mean the way of listening to me I feel he is here for me alone he gives me the time that I need, he didn’t ends the session like what all the doctors do , he wait for me to finish from all the question in my mind , then he answer them , his answers are really stick in my mind and make a change.

At the end I want to thank Charles, Beth, Jenny, Gareth and Jennie B for the great hospitality, what I get from them is far greater than what I was expecting. I don’t have enough words to thank them all, thank you my darlings…

Usama from Saudi Arabia


A fantastic few days with great presenters and hosts Rob and Jenny. Also really a pleasure to have time with Charles. Their belief in the method made me believe – Frances G

To see a loved one progress from being isolated and shut down, living in their room for months, to being interactive, laughing and socialising within a few days is absolutely incredible. They are optimistic about their future and have been given the tools to achieve and eliminate their anxiety – which has already been significantly reduced in such a short space of time. The staff are extraordinary people and the method itself is simple and easily implemented and tailored to the individual. I would highly recommend the Retreat to anyone who is suffering from anxiety – Helen (Mum to Josh) New Zealand

I would recommend this Retreat to any sufferer above ANY alternative. The support my sister has received here has been overwhelming. The team are exceptional people who have all the time in the world to support and help the sufferers. 5-star quality. I shall always be grateful to Gareth for his chats, Beth for her support and Charles for having established a top rated Retreat. My heart goes out to you all.
Frederick (brother to Madeleine de Vries)

Charles: Thank you so much, your case provides so much hope. Jenny: What a wonderful teacher and what a great sense of humour. Beth: You are really unique, absolutely wonderful and adorable. Gareth: Eres un pedazo de tio.
Madeleine De Vries, Madrid, Spain


Donna Naples USA

“My emotions are overflowing as I attempt to put into words what can only be experienced… when you love someone with all your heart and all your soul, it is the most difficult thing in the world to watch your loved one suffer through the unbearable anguis of anxiety. You would give anything to stop the pain. I can, without an ounce of hesitation, say that the Charles Linden Recovery Retreat has become the answer to our prayers! To witness the absolutely beautiful metamorphisis of enlightenment that has occured is nothing short of miraculous! Our lives hae forever been touched by the most extraordinary professionals (Beth, Charles, Jenny and ´the unforgettable Gareth´´). They are the most caring, loving and genuine people you will ever want to meet and have renewed our faith in humanity. It is impossible to adequately express the amount of gratitude I feel for this life changing opportunity. After trying endless methods, I am now convinced that this is the ONLY answer to complete recovery!!!

I´ve searched for the answer for over 30 years and this Method is the only answer to curing anxiety. Attending the Retreat was the icing on the cake!!” Jeffrey P. Naples, USA


“Anxiety Recovery Retreat is a fantastic idea. Picturesque place, delicious food, nice hotel. Most important the whole process was well organised and planned. Charles and his team were very professional. No questions or concerns were left unanswered.The atmosphere was very relaxed and informal which allowed all participants to engage fully in the process. Perfect investment to your health.”
Teodore V. Moscow