Program Compliance & Attendance

As with all educational programs, we ask that attendees attend all the sessions provided and fully understand the process of recovery before leaving any of our events.

Compliance is vital to maximising the benefits of attendance/involvement - we do all we can to support and guide clients but cannot be responsible for their actions at home.

Programs are attended voluntarily having received all of the information required to make an informed decision. Payment for the courses is made having received all of the appropriate information with regard to the course content, venue, dining and classes.

Our aim is for attendees to leave feeling positive and empowered, fully understanding the process and how to continue that process at home.

It is the attendees responsibility to inform the team should they have any misgivings or concerns, prior to leaving the Retreat or Workshops.

We provide feedback forms to every attendee in order for any issues to be addressed swiftly and efficiently.

On leaving the Retreat, we will provide ongoing program guidance by phone and email.

In 12 years, we have never received a negative feedback form... perhaps one or two addressing smoking rules and a broken light switch... but none about the content of the program or attending staff. Of that we are very proud.

Beth Linden.

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