Recovery - Guaranteed by Human Evolution

How Does Recovery Therapy work?

Nothing works like this because it was designed by nature!

Since 1997 we have helped over 300,000 people with 100% success amongst complying clients.

The science of our programs is simple - The neurology of fear disorders is preset in every human and deactivating a fear disorder is similar to eating to 'cure' hunger... it can't fail.

Nature and evolution developed this process, so it's fixed in you and every other human.

Over the 20 years we have been practising, we have perfected the recovery process and fine tuned the guidance to make the process simple and fast.

As mental health professionals, we are just so proud of now being able to offer therapy that really works.

LAR is approximately 900% more curatively effective than the next best 'therapy' as demonstrated in NHS specified testing. The outcome was an average of total recovery.

If you have tried other therapies or medications, you will know that relief is either absent or very short-lived, but that isn't because you can't recover, it's because you haven't been told how to.

You see, anxiety conditions don't respond to psychological or psychiatric interventions and are not able to be treated medicinally because the associated neurology cannot respond to them. Anxiety conditions are not 'mental illness' despite, often feeling like one.

Because it feels so 'in your head' there's an assumption that they are neurological disorders or associated with clinical depression, but they are not.

We will prove the 'real' science that will change your life. When you understand the truth and do what your mind and body are waiting for, everything will change... fast.

Recovery is guaranteed...

Disorders of the emotions are experienced by over 30% of all people and without exception, all are completely removed if the mind and body are instructed to remove them.

Like 'getting fit', if the mind and body are instructed correctly, fitness can't fail to happen... the same is true of recovery from disorders of the emotions.

So what is the process?

It couldn't be simpler... it's what we should all be taught in school... the fact that 'what you do' is massively more important than what you think and by implementing a simple process, you can erase anxiety, phobias, obsessions, compulsions, low mood, health anxiety, eating-disorders, self-harming and all conditions of the emotions using the body's only recovery mechanism.


We run regular trials with a specification created for us by the NHS. We utilise university statistical analysis software and qualified psychologists specialising in statistical analysis to analyse and present the data accurately.

In our last trial, we had 61 participants who entered the programme with a GAD7 score of 18.24 out of 21 (Chronic).

Post programme participation, the average score was 2.84.

The outcome - an average reduction from chronic to anxiety free.

NO other programme achieves these results. The efficacy of talking therapies such as CBT do not demonstrate curative outcomes. Medication does not provide evidence of curative outcomes.

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