Our Anxiety Recovery Retreats provide…

  • A guided, supportive, reassuring recovery program
  • Guidance and advice by Charles Linden
  • Advice and reassurance by our qualified Specialists
  • A structured but enjoyable and often fun, program
  • Life coaching & confidence training
  • Anxiety symptoms & thoughts explained
  • Structured sessions with our psychologist, Jenny
  • A fantastic environment in which to relax and unwind

  • Constantly present, qualified staff to guide & reassure you
  • A wonderful venue & curative program structure
  • You may attend alone or with you family
  • The program addresses the cause of your anxiety directly
  • Advice sessions for your partner if they wish to attend them
  • 24 hour hosting & care by our Anxiety Retreat Host Jackie Anderson
  • A wonderful, relaxing & life changing program of recovery
  • A raft of tools and resources to take away with you

And, after you leave, you receive unlimited contact with our team for as long as you need their support

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