Our Anxiety Recovery Retreats provide…

  • A guided, supportive, reassuring recovery program
  • Guidance and advice by Charles Linden
  • Advice and reassurance by our qualified Specialists
  • A structured but enjoyable and often fun, program
  • Life coaching & confidence training
  • Anxiety symptoms & thoughts explained
  • Structured sessions with our psychologist, Jenny
  • A fantastic environment in which to relax and unwind

  • Constantly present, qualified staff to guide & reassure you
  • A wonderful venue & curative program structure
  • You may attend alone or with you family
  • The program addresses the cause of your anxiety directly
  • Advice sessions for your partner if they wish to attend them
  • 24 hour hosting & care by our Anxiety Retreat Host Jackie Anderson
  • A wonderful, relaxing & life changing program of recovery
  • A raft of tools and resources to take away with you

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At the Retreat…

…I will sit with you and give you the benefit of my 19 years helping over 210,000 people to recover.

I will leave no stone unturned and will tell you exactly what to do today to regain emotional equilibrium and become the resourceful, resilient and fulfilled person you were born to be.

Charles Linden

As seen on Loose Women

Linda Robson opened up on the Loose Women TV Show about her son, Louis’, fast recovery at our Retreat. Louis suffered from anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia, OCD and phobias. Linda told the nation how, despite trying everything, including very expensive Harley Street treatments, Louis was getting worse. Her husband, Mark, found our resources online and Louis transformed his life in days. Below is a recording that Linda made to show all sufferers just how amazing our programmes are.

Actress Linda Robson talks about Louis’ recovery & her family’s experience at the Anxiety Recovery Retreat



“The dramatic transformations we experience in a couple of days are overwhelming…

Left: October 2011 Retreat guests on the final day – Dave arrived anxious and would never have previously even considered being flown home in a helicopter piloted by his son Ian – on day three he lifted off from the Elms with a beaming smile on his face.

Anxiety, panic attacks, OCD, PTSD and agoraphobia sufferers walk into our Anxiety Recovery Retreats and a couple of days later, as confident, informed people, they don’t want to leave because of the friendships they have forged and the remarkable recoveries and relief they have experienced.

Many of our Anxiety Recovery retreat clients feel compelled to leave testimonials, send videos and letters; some, well known Retreat clients feel compelled to go to the Media, like Jemma Kidd, Plum Sykes and Rupert Young… selfless people who feel compelled to help others because of their own experiences.

Thank you to all the people from around the world for their support in making our Anxiety Recovery Retreat, what we believe to be, the most curatively successful and supportive anxiety elimination program in the World. If you want to read or view some of those comments… CLICK HERE

We understand that we only, at present, offer UK based Retreats, however, our clients fly from Australia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Russia and South Africa to benefit from what we do… this is the best investment anyone could make in their recovery; I wish I had had this facility when I was anxious.” Charles Linden

James Clarke (ITV TV) talks about his
experience at the Retreat

As a result of attending the Retreat and recovering, James is now an ITV news presenter and was awarded Best New Talent at The Royal Television Society Awards in 2014

James came to the Anxiety Recovery Retreat in 2012. Here he talks about his and his mum’s experience and the recovery he made. James returned to the Retreat to talk to new clients, deciding to arrive a day early, hence his comment about being there for 5 days.

Facebook_logoSome recent Facebook comments






Recovery is so close, even when symptoms and thoughts seem so overwhelming…

“I challenge anyone to find anything like this anywhere else in the world. When I see the dramatic results we create in people in just four days, I just wish that I could have had access to these amazing programs when I was anxious. If you suffer from high anxiety and don’t do this, you are missing something magical and so wonderful to be part of. I developed this Retreat to be the opposite of all other residential anxiety programs, providding comfort, support, reassurance, guidance and real recovery… I never wanted anyone to endure what I did when I was anxious… I truly believe that I have achieved just that.” Charles Linden


Marshall, explains how he recovered at the Retreat




Some recent Retreat guests and comments


I feel now that I have the understanding and knowledge to return to a fulfilling life, rather than watching from behind the glass. I am looking forward to throwing myself back into life!Elaine Pringle

Such a wonderful accessible course – it has really opened my eyes to how to live a more fulfilling and enjoyable life, and the anxiety has gone away naturally through the whole process. With such a great team to guide you through the Retreat it is impossible not to recover!Neelam

The Retreat has enabled me to confront issues which have caused considerable damage to me and stress close to me. I leave with a fresh vision and a plan to change and take control of my life.Neil Boss

On day one, arriving on my own, I was anxious, apprehensive, nervous and fearful. By the last day I felt stronger, positive and looking forward to the changes ahead and a new anxiety free life. Rob and Jenny are amazing. There are no better two people to help us through this and I am so thankful for their guidance and support.Vicky

I came to the Retreat feeling extremely nervous, saying over and over again “this will never work”! How wrong I was. By day two I just knew that this WAS going to work and it was ME that was going to make it happen – A real Eureka moment! Thanks to everyone – totally life changing.Janet Verrall

After living the life we have lived for many years and with my Wife as an anxiety sufferer, I have known nothing different and it became normal life. From the start of the Retreat with everyone arriving as strangers and obviously affected by their condition to the difference at the end of the four days, I have been amazed. Not just the change in my Wife but the change in everyone on the course was one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. I have made many new friends and have never in my life been amongst a more genuine lovely bunch of people. The change in my Wife and everyone else on this Retreat was unbelievable. Jed Pringle – A Truly Relaxed Husband!

Living abroad whilst my daughter was studying in England was always going to be difficult. However when she started suffering with panic attacks, it was extremely difficult and I was in complete despair. We were offered the Retreat programme and I can honestly say that it has turned my Daughters life around. I feel very confident that she now has the tools and determination to finally put her anxiety to bed and get on with her life. This programme should be available to all sufferers. There are no doubt hundreds and thousands of people who are suffering with a range of anxiety disorders which lead to a life of pain and misery. The Linden Method Retreat can cure them within days and we must ask why isn’t this programme readily available for every sufferer!Mrs Kay – A Happy Mother.

This Retreat was incredible. The staff, the venue, the course were all great. There literally could not be a better Retreat Host who is SO much more than a Host. Rob’s absolute understanding of The Linden Method with his incredible skills and ability to give the perfect advice is why. Many thanks to Charles, Beth, Jo, Jenny and all the staff at the venue. The conversations with the other Retreat members was the perfect combination to facilitate a foundation. How to properly implement The Linden Method is the greatest skill I have ever been taught in my entire life!Joey Mackel from Canada

I felt immensley better from the whole Retreat experience. Rob as a host worked magic with many of the clients when they needed it throughout the week. Who would have thought a group of anxiety sufferers could have such fun!!Oil & Gas Consultant from Aberdeen, Scotland


Jane talks about her husband’s experience at our Anxiety Recovery Retreat


Letter from Emma Davies… five days after leaving the Anxiety Recovery Retreat

Charles, Beth, Jenny & Rob,

Sorry I didn’t write a testimonial on Friday, but I wanted a bit of time back in the real world to see if I would feel the same once I had left safety of the retreat and I pleased to report that I am feeling even better.
Almost instantly my anxiety has gone. I am back at work, taking the tube on my own in rush hour, going shopping and more importantly I had lots of fun at the weekend with my friends and family. I can’t remember the last time I have laughed so much.
Thank you doesn’t seem a big enough word in return for someone who has given me the tools to be non anxious again and has shown me how to get my life back.
Anyone who is suffering from an anxiety disorder should know that their search is finally over and best of all the Linden method is so easy to follow.
Thank you so much for ending years of sadness and loneliness. I am now excited for my future and what I know I can achieve.
Lots of Love
Emma X

Letter from Ian Fergie… Anxiety Recovery Retreat client June 2014

Hi to everyone at the Linden centre, I’m writing this email with so much gratitude and thanks that I don’t think I could possibly ever find the right words to explain what the Linden Method has done to change and improve my life and the life of my children and wife, I have now reached a point in the program where I feel I no longer need any support at all I have no fear of the panic attacks that plagued my life for 5 years, with all your help the battle is over, I’m now enjoying a full life again, I want to let you all know what you mean to me firstly I’d like to thank Jo, when I first phoned you about booking a stay at the retreat I was so full of anxiety and doubted that anything could ever get me out of the hole I felt I was in, you completely reassured me that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, I took the plunge and booked my stay

Then the day arrived that it was time to leave for the retreat, I was so scared I was sure this wasn’t going to work for me, but I had to try something, all I knew was I was going to do everything I was asked and told no matter how I felt, “this has to end” I told myself, the welcome was hard but Jackie and Rob did everything possible to make it as easy as possible and I started to relax, by the end of the day I had met Beth too and had a real good idea what lay ahead of me and what was expected, still feeling terrible I started to get to know the other guests still not sure if this could possibly ever work, both Beth and Jackie made time to speak to me about my concerns and assured me, over the next few days I would grow to love the little chats we would have, the feeling of speaking to someone that I had only just met without the need to run was in itself so empowering, that in itself is far bigger than I could ever find the words to explain, huge thank you to you both.

day 2 starts and it’s time to meet Jenny, I sat in that room with everyone and I wanted out so bad ha-ha “where shall I run, where’s my way out, I can’t do this, it’s going to happen” was all I could think, Jenny started intruding herself and began explaining the process, I didn’t hear a word she said for at least 5 minutes I just wanted to go home, then she said the words that cut thru the panic I was experiencing and began the road to recovery she said “I don’t care if you don’t believe this is going to work for you, all I ask is you follow the Method and allow us to prove it works” suddenly panic changed to hope again, and from that moment forward every single moment spent with Jenny was gold dust to me I had so many eureka  moments listening to her, that even after just the first session with her I felt I can do this I am going to beat this, I knew what I had to do and started putting everything she said into practice, Jenny I am so thank full to you, you are fantastic at what you do

By the end of the week I was so ready to get home and start my new life as the non anxious ian, I threw myself into my new life and felt great, then after a week or so came the first of 5 or 6 moments I would have where I would loose confidence, and that’s where my next thank you comes in, the support staff, every time I phoned you, you put me straight back on the right path, your role in my recovery has been vital, you explained to me in ways that made so much sense why we have little setbacks and then why its so important to get straight back on the horse, I followed your advice to the letter, you are all fantastic.

Last a massive thank you to Charles himself for putting this all together, I’m so glad I got to meet and shake the hand of the man who created this Method.

Well I could bang on for hours about how grateful I am to every single one of you, but I have my life to live and thats what I’m going to do. I know I’ve beat this I feel sober again I can see the beauty in things I found terrifying ….IM CURED. There’s a very good chance this is the last time I will ever contact the Linden team as I know I don’t need you anymore, but I will always be thankful to you and I will never forget you all, 25 years from now I will still remember everyone of you, and there’s is a permanent place in my heart for the whole Linden crew.

Genuinely all my love Ian Fergie X


A fantastic few days with great presenters and hosts Rob and Jenny. Also really a pleasure to have time with Charles. Their belief in the method made me believeFrances G

To see a loved one progress from being isolated and shut down, living in their room for months, to being interactive, laughing and socialising within a few days is absolutely incredible. They are optimistic about their future and have been given the tools to achieve and eliminate their anxiety – which has already been significantly reduced in such a short space of time. The staff are extraordinary people and the method itself is simple and easily implemented and tailored to the individual. I would highly recommend the Retreat to anyone who is suffering from anxietyHelen (Mum to Josh) New Zealand

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Retreat interview on  iTalk Radio

Charles Linden and Retreat guest Sean Edwards interviewed about the Anxiety Recovery Retreat and how it benefited him.

What are the Retreats? How will you benefit? How did it all begin?

Facebook_logo Recent Facebook comments



My promise to you…

I  cured my anxiety disorders after 27 years of suffering and when you enter our Retreat, I will make it my personal goal to do the same for you too.

Myself and my Team will do everything we can to make sure you get the attention you deserve and the advice you need to benefit most effectively from the program.

Myself and/or my team will be there around the clock to advise, reassure and support you and I am totally convinced that you will LOVE the experience. We also have a lot of  fun!

Call myself or Beth now and we will make it work for you!

Charles Linden – Director – Anxiety Recovery Retreats


Gill and Jane jointly talk about their loved ones’ experiences at our Retreat


More Recent Retreat Guests’ comments

The most amazing and lovely place. The people and staff were wonderful. I would recommend 100% to others. Life without anxiety is now possible thanks to The Linden Method. – Victoria Gale

The Anxiety Recovery Retreat met all of my expectations. Jenny Brookes was lovely and was very informative in all the Linden Method content. I feel confident that I will fully recover form my anxiety. i would recommend this amazing Retreat to any sufferer of anxiety, panic attacks,OCD etc etc. I only wished that it would last longer because it is so relaxing being here! THANK YOU to Charles, Beth, Jenny, all The Linden Centre Staff and Hotel. xx – Yesica – New York

After being passed round form Doctor to Doctor who were unable to diagnose a debilitating sleep problem, I discovered almost immediately it was anxiety. Not only did I find the root of the problem, but was given a cure. Utterly thrilled – Lucy Hill

If you suffer from any form of anxiety – The Linden Method and Retreat are a “must”. To be in a beautiful setting surrounded by the most lovely and caring people who are all there for you is just wonderful and very special. I really cannot begin to thank you of all your support. You are all very special people. Thank you. – Michele


 Retreat Educator & Head of Support Services Jenny Brookes

Our Retreat and Workshop Head of Learning Services, Jenny Brookes is a consultant psychologist and graduate member of the BPS. Jenny is also a founder member of the Special group in Coaching and a graduate member of the Division of Occupational Psychology for the BPS.

“I have personally delivered every Anxiety Recovery Retreat and Workshop for The Linden Method and it genuinely is a very humbling experience.  Watching those who have been told, or believed they could never be anxiety free, achieve this is genuinely amazing.  Leaving with smiles and friends they have made for a lifetime and most importantly knowing they have got their life back. They are inspirational”

Jenny is our Head of Support and Course Leader at the Anxiety Recovery Retreats. Watch Jenny’s video here. Jenny has been a member of our team for eight years and has been called ‘an angel’ many hundreds of times by our guests.


Jemma Kidd tells Lorraine Kelly about why
The Anxiety Recovery Retreat is a ‘MUST’



Comfortable – Reassuring – Relaxing – Enlightening

These four words are the most regularly used in our Retreat and Workshop feedback forms.

You will be nurtured through the Retreat Program by our team who have helped tens of thousands of sufferers like you.

The changes these programs produce are truly inspirational.

You will LIVE the Anxiety Recovery Retreat/Workshop Program

We will teach you how to become anxiety free, not through reading or watching program material, but by LIVING IT.

In the time you are with us, you will learn how to be anxiety free using the exact process that hundreds of Retreat attendees before you have been through and the 190,000 plus people who have used our home learning programs.

Confidentiality and ZERO pressure

The programs are confidential (Non-disclosure agreements signed) and NEVER put a client under pressure to take part, speak or do anything that makes them feel anxious.

The Retreat venue is comfortable, relaxed and homely, offering clients the perfect environment for recovery and they can be accompanied by family members, including children if required.

All recovery programs include ongoing support and guidance for ‘life after anxiety’ by our trained life coaches and specialists if required… usually, it is not.



Will Young and his brother Rupert

http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2501/3680545851_f602fa7ca4.jpgRupert Young, Founder of The Mood Foundation & brother to Will Young changed his life using The Linden Method

Rupert says: “At last! A place where someone can go to not only gather the vital life changing tools that I did, but also an opportunity to listen to others and for the first time not feel like it was just me and I wasn’t going mad. Having done the retreat life is now something I can look forward to, not fear. Working in the charity sector as a director and founder around mental health I can say that if peace is what you are looking for, look no further.” Rupert Young



“I would really like other sufferers – especially those who cannot remember a time when they were not anxious and are currently in the depths of despair – to know that there is a way to get completely better. Like a lot of people, I was initially doubtful that TLM would be able to provide a complete cure, but I am living proof that the method really works.

I can honestly say that, since completing the 4-day residential course and very importantly, following through with the ongoing recommendations, the only anxiety I now feel is in ‘sabre-tooth tiger’ situations, or in other words, when it’s entirely appropriate.

TLM really did change my life and I am so grateful to have found it. Is it worth the money? YES. Very best wishes.”

Madeleine Yates


Linden Anxiety Recovery Retreats aren’t just a break in a beautiful venue.

Our clients are transformed in our fun and curative program, learning a process that leads many retreat guests to walk away anxiety free.

Go to our What people say page and listen to personal reviews of our clients’ experiences.

What conditions are addressed at our Retreats?

Our Retreat program includes curative guidance for the treatment of: generalised anxiety disorder, agoraphobia, panic attacks, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), derealisation, depersonalisation, Pure O, depressive thoughts, obsessive and inappropriate thoughts, health anxiety, fear of dying and all of the symptoms of stress and anxiety.

We recognise how anxiety sufferers feel and our Retreats and Workshops are designed to be supportive, relaxing, informative and to maximise results… and they truly do!

Correctly addressing anxiety disorders relies on knowledge, structure and support and at the Anxiety Recovery Retreats and Workshops, you get all three in abundance… and all our clients, regardless of how they feel when they arrive, say that our Retreats are also great fun!


Something happened during my stay at the Linden Anxiety Retreat which is hard to explain, but I’ll give it a go.

Following years of bouncing around between my GP and a trail of ‘specialists,’ I sat virtually shaking in my own home, totally unable to make sense of the world around me, breathless, bloated and suffering the side effects of drugs that were supposed to make me feel ‘better’.

My wife and I felt sure my growing list of ailments were connected; and so following my personal decision to slowly come off Citalopram and that CBT was not for me, I felt my shocking, virtually constant state of anxiety must be the root cause.

On discovering the Linden Method, I immediately booked myself on to the next retreat, which luckily for me was the following week. I already had a feeling of optimistic trepidation as the Tuesday start date loomed closer. Was this going to be exactly what I was looking for?

The four days was a carefully crafted combination of classroom style learning, relaxation time in the form of Pilates, a lovely long massage and some posture training, coupled with sharing time with the other attendees and Linden staff. The location, in a stunning Georgian country house hotel was the perfect setting.

If you feel locked away from reality and the smallest thing makes you feel like the world is about to end, I urge you to us the Linden Method, because I can categorically say, with a big smile on my face, it worked for me – and in fact, seemingly also for the other eleven wonderful people I shared the experience with.

I’m still bewildered that, after 10-15 years, of quite frankly misery, fighting this debilitating condition, I feel totally free of negative thoughts and the physical side effects that made functioning in the world almost impossible.

Thanks to Charles and his stunning team – to whom I owe you a huge debt of gratitude – the fog has lifted and the onset of Spring is perhaps the best anecdote to describe how much I am looking forward to lifes rich journey! Cheers, Ian (Berkshire)



2011 Retreat Client Jeff Naples

Jeff attended the Retreat in 2011 and his transformation was incredible. Jeff reads out his testimonial in this video. Watch Jeff’s wifes video and others HERE

Jeff isn’t an exception, his experience is something we witness at every Retreat. – Watch the video testimonials, read the written ones and call us if there is anything you need to know.

See more videos from ex clients


Over the years, Charles has helped many celebrities from music, fashion, TV, film and other industries to recover from high anxiety conditions. Jemma Kidd gives her time selflessly to assist us to spread the word about the recovery she and her sister Jodie Kidd, made using The Linden Method and the Anxiety Recovery Retreat program.

The Retreats and workshops are structured to make recovery simple and fast and to fit in with anyone’s lifestyle. Click on the image or HERE to read Jemma’s story or watch her interview on the Lorraine TV program with Lorraine Kelly.



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