Anxiety recovery retreat

Since 1997 - Over 350,000 people helped - Linden Tree Education - UK's Only Residential Recovery Provider
recovery from anxiety, panic attacks, ocd, agoraphobia, Pure O, ptsd, health anxiety, Eating Disorders, Self-Harm, Emetophobia, depression, in fact, All DisorderED Emotions
True recovery is born of true science

Anxiety recovery retreat

Since 1997 - Over 350,000 people helped - Linden Tree Education - UK's Only Residential Recovery Provider
recovery from anxiety, panic attacks, ocd, agoraphobia, Pure O, ptsd, health anxiety, Eating Disorders, Self-Harm, Emetophobia, depression, in fact, All DisorderED Emotions
True recovery is born of true science

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ANNOUNCEMENT to all current and future Retreat clients.

We are forward booking Retreats now - 30 places per month. We cannot, however, provide exact dates. Clients will be booking on a first-come-first-serve-basis.

We are taking reservations linearly so that everyone gets their place in the sequence in which they booked.  In the interim, when you reserve your place... FROM FRIDAY 20TH MARCH, we will be presenting daily live anxiety support & recovery sessions for clients through our video support portal to which you will receive instant access on booking the Retreat or Workshops.

You will be able to sign in and watch and interact from home. Our recovery practitioners (BACP and BPS) will guide sufferers to recovery and provide support and guidance via phone, email and our video conferencing. You will get face to face guidance and support from home as a member of our recovery programs.  You will also get email support if required. Keep safe and allow us to help you in these difficult times.

Call us on 01562 732078 to reserve your place or enquire about availability and fees.

Beth Linden. Director.

FYI - We are the oldest provider of professional home-access, workshop, corporate, schools and residential recovery, support and psychology (since 1997  we've helped over 340,000 people worldwide) and our NHS testing demonstrated an average efficacy of total recovery.

Our team are amazing in so many ways. Please access their knowledge in these difficult times.

2022 Program Bookings Now Being Taken

simple, structured, supported programs of recovery

CONTACT US on +44(0)1562 702720 OR FILL IN THE FORM HERE
linden tree education - CPD accredited - mental health education and accreditation

our anxiety recovery retreats provide...

- Guided, supportive, reassuring recovery 
- Guidance and advice by Charles Linden
- Advice and reassurance by our qualified Recovery Specialists
- A structured but enjoyable and often fun, program
- Life coaching & confidence training
- Anxiety symptoms & thoughts explained
- Structured sessions with our psychologist, Jenny
- A fantastic environment in which to relax and unwind
- Constantly present, qualified staff to guide & reassure you
- A wonderful venue & curative program structure
- You may attend alone or with you family
- The program addresses the cause of your anxiety directly
- Advice sessions for your partner if they wish to attend them
- 24 hour hosting & care by our Anxiety Retreat Host, Jackie
- A wonderful, relaxing & life changing program of recovery
- A raft of tools and resources to take away with you
we will provide you with everything you need in order to recover
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We don’t trade in anxiety management or coping strategies…
…we are focused only on doing everything we can to make
your FULL recovery simple, swift and permanent.

A 'loved one' talks about her daughter's experience at our Anxiety Recovery Retreat
Lucy and Rachel talk about their experience at our Anxiety Recovery Retreat
anxiety recovery retreat testimonials the linden method
Anxiety Recovery Retreat Lindenanxiety recovery retreat testimonial reviewanxiety recovery retreat testimonial reviewanxiety recovery retreat testimonial reviewAnxiety Recovery Retreat Linden
anxiety recovery retreat testimonial reviewanxiety recovery retreat testimonial reviewanxiety recovery retreat testimonial reviewanxiety recovery retreat testimonial reviewanxiety recovery retreat testimonial review
anxiety recovery retreat testimonials the linden methodanxiety recovery retreat testimonial review

An Inspirational & Touching Video

anxiety recovery retreat testimonials the linden method
anxiety recovery retreat testimonials the linden method
Recent questions asked in client feedback submissions:

"Why didn't I come here sooner?"

"Why don't the NHS offer your solution?"

"The money spent on other therapies would pay for 1000's of retreats like yours."

"I waited and procrastinated for 4 years before booking. I wish I hadn't."

"I can't believe I feel so much better in under 4 days."

"Why are we told that anxiety can't be cured?"

"Why was I told repeatedly that I had anxiety with depression? It's nonsense."

"Why isn't this science explained elsewhere?"

"Why have medicine and psychology got it wrong?"
"I never thought I could feel like this again?"
anxiety recovery retreat testimonial review
Recent Retreat clients on their last day.

The transformations are always incredible and so wonderful to be party to. Beth Linden

Participation in the group photo is not obligatory.
anxiety recovery retreat testimonials
anxiety recovery retreat testimonials

Program Trial Outcomes

61 participants – Average incoming *GAD7 score of 18.24 – Post-treatment average score of 2.84
Average result – From chronic to recovered

*GAD7 is the internationally recognized anxiety level scoring system. The score is out of 21.
Above 15 is considered chronic, below 5 is considered to be normal fear response.
The Linden Method outperformed other therapies by 900%.
A 'loved one', Craig, talks about his partner’s experience at our Anxiety Recovery Retreat
Marshall about his experience at our 
Anxiety Recovery Retreat
anxiety recovery retreat testimonials

"At the Retreat…

…I will sit with you and give you the benefit of my 22 years suffering, my recovery and 22 years helping over 350,000 people to recover using The Linden Method Program and Anxiety Recovery Retreats.

I will leave no stone unturned and will tell you exactly what to do today to regain emotional equilibrium and become the resourceful, resilient and fulfilled person you were born to be.

Charles Linden - Director
Recent comments from Retreat attendees about Charles' session

Unbelievably empowering. I just felt a difference after speaking to him and like I can do this. He is crucial to the Anxiety Recovery Retreat experience.
Becky Toms

The most intelligent man and explanation of my disorders I have ever come across. How Charles explains anxiety, the science and everything around it is incredible. I didn't want his session to end.
Marissa K

If you have the opportunity to just sit and listen to Charles talk, do it. In 40 years of psychotherapy and psychology, I have never heard such incredibly eloquently positioned common sense. I didn't have to say a word, Charles said it all, without hesitation or pregnant pause and it was life changing. Unbelievable. 
Kay. R

What an inspiration he is! He connects very well with clients and you realise he has gone through the same anxiety. Thank you so much for spending the time talking to us in a small group.
Kieran Broom

Life changing. Charles' experience and knowledge is unbelievable but more than that, it makes so much damn sense.
David Irvine

Very informative. I think the opportunity to meet the founder of the organisation is a great touch. The advice Charles gave me helped me to connect the dots.
Aaron Barnes

Charles group session helped me immensely, I felt amazing afterwards. He explains everything so well and ensures all of your questions are answered.

Charles should be minister for mental health. I have had anxiety for over 40 years and I have seen hundreds of people over those years. In a couple of hours the relief was overwhelming. Never before have I felt so empowered and 'well'. Charles needs to get The Linden Method to every sufferer.
Karen Jackson

Although I hadn't thought of questions previously, I had lots once I arrive. He was really informative and I was amazed at how much research he had done which reassured me that this method will work. Really inspirational.
Zoe Wild

Charles was brilliant, caring, funny and informative. I feel privileged to have met him. The Anxiety Recovery Retreat is amazing.
Natalie Navenantn

As seen on Loose Women

Linda Robson opened up on the Loose Women TV Show about her son, Louis’, fast recovery at our Anxiety Recovery Retreat . Louis suffered from anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia, OCD and phobias. Linda told the nation how, despite trying everything, including very expensive Harley Street treatments, Louis was getting worse. Her husband, Mark, found our Linden Method resources online and Louis transformed his life in days. Below is a recording that Linda made to show all sufferers just how amazing our programmes are.
 the linden method

Actress Linda Robson talks about Louis’ recovery & her family’s experience at the Anxiety Recovery Retreat

anxiety recovery retreat testimonials the linden methodanxiety recovery retreat testimonials the linden method

Information Request Form

Please fill out one of the forms below to receive information by return

“The dramatic transformations we experience in a couple of days are overwhelming…

Left: Anxiety Recovery Retreat guests on the final day – Dave arrived anxious and would never have previously even considered being flown home in a helicopter piloted by his son, Ian – on day three he lifted off from the Elms with a beaming smile on his face.
Anxiety, panic attacks, OCD, PTSD and agoraphobia sufferers walk into our Anxiety Recovery Retreats and just a couple of days later, as confident, well-informed people, they don’t want to leave because of the friendships they have forged and the remarkable recoveries and relief they have experienced.

Many of our Anxiety Recovery retreat clients feel compelled to leave testimonials, send videos and letters; some, well known Retreat clients feel compelled to talk to the Media about their experiences; like Jemma Kidd, Plum Sykes and Rupert Young… selfless people who feel compelled to help others because of their own experiences.

Thank you to all the people from around the world for their support in making our Anxiety Recovery Retreat, what we believe to be, the most curatively successful and supportive anxiety elimination program in the World. If you want to read or view some of those comments… CLICK HERE

Clients fly from Australia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Russia and South Africa to benefit from what we do… this is the best investment anyone could make in their recovery; I wish I had had this facility when I was anxious and my hope isto get TLM, TheLinden Method, to every sufferer on the planet.

Charles Linden - Director

It's changed my life...

I’ve suffered high anxiety for as long as I can remember, I’m now 58 so that’s been a long time, over the years I have spent thousands on various treatments ranging from seeing psychiatrists at The Priory who have prescribed me various different treatments all with complete failure; being Hypnotised at Harley Street guaranteed success as I’d had my sub conscious re programmed - complete rubbish and cost a fortune, CBT was nothing more than a joke, talking therapy for 4 years complete failure, after more or less becoming resigned too the fact that this was going to be me forever I was recommended the TLM Retreat by my son who went about 3 years ago and it helped him endlessly, so reluctantly I agreed too give it a go went there and must say it’s been the Greatest experience of my life I have stuck to the programme and with hand on heart can honestly say it’s changed my life, I feel so much better in everything I do or think etc and would recommend anyone who’s suffering to do as I did it really does do what it says on the tin

Thanks Charles and fantastic team who work with him all the best keep up the fantastic work 👍

Michael Boyd
anxiety recovery retreat testimonials the linden method
anxiety recovery retreat testimonials the linden method
anxiety recovery retreat testimonials the linden method

James Clarke (ITV TV) talks about his experience at the Retreat

As a result of attending the Retreat and recovering, James is now an ITV news presenter and was awarded Best New Talent at The Royal Television Society Awards in 2014James came to the Anxiety Recovery Retreat in 2012.

Here he talks about his and his mum’s experience and the recovery he made.

James returned to the Retreat to talk to new clients, deciding to arrive a day early, hence his comment about being there for 5 days.

Recovery is so close, even when symptoms and thoughts seem so overwhelming…

“I challenge anyone to find anything like this anywhere else in the world. When I see the dramatic results we create in people in just four days, I just wish that I could have had access to these amazing programs when I was anxious. If you suffer from high anxiety and don’t do this, you are missing something magical and something we all find so wonderful to be part of.

I developed this Retreat to be the opposite of all other residential anxiety programs, providing comfort, support, reassurance, guidance and real recovery… I never wanted anyone to endure what I did when I was anxious… I truly believe that I have achieved just that.” 

Charles Linden - Director, Linden Tree Education
Marshall, explains how he recovered at our
Anxiety Recovery Retreat
Jane talks about her husband’s experience at our 
Anxiety Recovery Retreat

My promise to you…

I cured my anxiety disorders after 22 years of suffering and when you enter our Anxiety Recovery Retreat, I will make it my personal goal to do the same for you too. Myself and my Team will do everything we can to make sure you get the attention you deserve and the advice you need to benefit most effectively from the program.

Myself and/or my team will be there around the clock to advise, reassure and support you and I am totally convinced that you will LOVE the experience. We also have a lot of  fun! Call Jo Goodchild now on +44 (0)1562 732078 and we will make it work for you!

Charles Linden - Director

Anxiety Recovery Retreat Educator & Head of Support Services Jenny Brookes

Our Retreat and Workshop Head of Learning Services, Jenny Brookes is a consultant psychologist and graduate member of the BPS. Jenny is also a founder member of the Special group in Coaching and a graduate member of the Division of Occupational Psychology for the BPS.
“I have personally delivered every Anxiety Recovery Retreat and Workshop for The Linden Method and it's a genuinely humbling experience.  Watching those who have been told, or believed they could never be, anxiety free achieve total recovery is genuinely amazing.  Clients leave with big smiles and new, lifelong friends and most importantly, knowing they have got their life back. They are inspirational"

Jenny is our Head of Support and Course Leader at the Anxiety Recovery Retreats; she has been a member of ourLinden Method team for 13 years and has been called ‘an angel’ many hundreds of times by our guests.

View medical reviews here

The Anxiety Recovery Retreat Experience

Comfortable – Reassuring – Relaxing – Enlightening

The above four words are the most regularly used in our Retreat and Workshop feedback forms.

You will be nurtured through the Retreat Program by our team who have helped tens of thousands of sufferers like you. The changes these programs produce are truly inspirational.

You will LIVE the Anxiety Recovery Retreat/Workshop Program

We will teach you how to become anxiety free, not through talking, analysis or reading or watching program material, but by LIVING IT.

In the time you are with us, you will learn how to be anxiety free and emotionally stable, using the exact process that hundreds of Retreat attendees before you and the 350,000 plus people who have used our home learning programs have been through.

Confidentiality and ZERO pressure

The Anxiety Recovery Retreat programs are confidential (Non-disclosure agreements signed) and NEVER put a client under pressure to take part, speak or do anything that makes them feel anxious.

The Anxiety Recovery Retreat  venue is comfortable, relaxed and homely, offering clients the perfect environment for recovery and they can be accompanied by family members, including children if required.

All recovery programs include ongoing support and guidance for ‘life after anxiety’ by our trained life coaches and specialists if required… usually, it is not.

Thank you for helping me to get my life back...

I just don’t know where the weeks have gone.  Not least because of my jam packed social life since overcoming my anxiety!  For which, by the way,  I am most grateful to both yourselves and to the entire team at the retreat.  I genuinely cannot tell you how much my life has changed, and I will always be so thankful to you all. I hope you don’t mind, but I thought that I would give you an update on things, since I attended the retreat in March 2016.

Anxiety and me – one year on.

Well, the first thing to say is that it is no longer ‘anxiety and me’.  It is now just ‘me’ – there is no anxiety and my life has totally changed as a result.  I attended the retreat in March 2016 in a desperate bid to learn how to become ‘better’.  Well actually, it was my Mum who was so desperate for change. 

After spending around 6 months in a constant and hyper state of anxiety, I had resigned myself to the fact that this was just how life was going to be, and that I would never be relaxed or happy ever again I remember arriving at the retreat like it was just yesterday.  And I remember specifically thinking ‘why are all these other people here – they don’t look remotely anxious’.  My anxiety manifested itself in many, many physical symptoms and I was at the point where I barely wanted to speak or even look at anyone else.  All the other clients appeared to be chatting freely and openly and I remember thinking that it wasn’t going to do anything for me.  After all, how could it when I was so much worse than anyone else?!!! Well, how wrong could I have been!  Straight away I contacted my boss about returning to work on a phased return and on the 4 May 2017 I will have been back in work for a year.  Yes a whole year!  And since I returned to work I haven’t experienced one panic attack or one episode of inappropriate anxiety. 

So what has changed?

Ben and I have been on holiday together with friends and their children and on a separate occasion have been away with my parents.  We have one holiday booked for this year and am currently looking at booking another.  I am meeting and seeing friends all the time and enjoying every moment of all of it.  Of course horses still play a big part and I can really feel the difference when I haven’t ridden.  It is absolutely my therapy and I just love it.  I am still working on getting Ben to buy me one – although that might take a bit longer to achieve!!
But probably most significant of all we have just re-started the (long) process of IVF in a bid to have our own family. 

We had just started this when I was then signed off of work and I couldn’t bear the thought of going through it.  In fact, our struggle to have a family was very much a part of the driving force behind my anxiety. Now however, I cannot wait to start the process and am positive and excited about what it might bring.  And successful or not, I know that I will never return to being the anxious person that I once was. I know that our life will be fulfilled  And for that I am incredibly and truly, truly grateful to you all. 
I would absolutely love to come back to the retreat and spend some time with clients, showing them just what can be achieved when you put into practice what you learn over those few days.  If you would be happy to have me then please just let me know when I could come. It is something that I would very much like to do.  I passionately agree with all that you teach and 100% believe in it.
I hope you both, and the rest of the team are well, and I look forward to hearing from you. 

But in the meantime please pass on my thanks to all at the retreat for the amazing work you do, and for helping me to get my life back!

Kind Regards
Sarah Masters

The Linden Method Program. The Linden Method TLM. Charles Linden. The Linden Method

Sarah Masters on her recovery

What conditions are addressed at our Retreats?

Linden Anxiety Recovery Retreats aren’t just a break in a beautiful venue.

Our clients are transformed in our fun and curative program; they learn a process that leads to freedom from anxiety disorders.

Go to our Reviews page and listen to personal reviews of our clients’ experiences.
Our Anxiety Recovery Retreat  program includes curative guidance for the treatment of:

- Generalised anxiety disorder
- Agoraphobia
- Monophobia
- Panic attacks
- Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)
- Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
- Derealisation, depersonalisation
- Depressive thoughts
- Obsessive and inappropriate thoughts
- Health anxiety
- Overthinking/catastrophising
- Fear of dying
- Fear of fainting
- Eating disorders
- Self-harming
- Emetophobia
- Monophobia
- Low mood
- Any disorder of the emotions

...and all of the symptoms of stress and anxiety.

We recognise how anxiety sufferers feel and our Anxiety Recovery Retreats  and Workshops are designed to be supportive, relaxing, informative and to maximise results… and they truly do!

Correctly addressing anxiety disorders relies on knowledge, structure and support and at the Anxiety Recovery Retreats and Workshops, you get all three in abundance… and all our clients, regardless of how they feel when they arrive, say that our Retreats are also great fun!


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Quick Facts about the retreat

Puckrup Hall Retreat & Spa

Apart from being idyllic and comfortable, Puckrup Hall is the perfect venue for our Recovery Retreats. The facilities are exceptional, the food is delicious, the rooms are beautifully furnished, the perfect temperature and the beds are perfect. The whole Retreat experience has been carefully thought out and executed through a decade of experience... this is why people travel from around the world to attend.

People come to us from all over the world

The program is carefully structured to provide an 'environment for recovery' coupled with the very best in guidance. Scientific, simple, common sense and enjoyable, the programs will lead all sufferers to full and lifelong recovery.

anxiety recovery retreat testimonials the linden method

Unmatched Success = Unmatched Reputation

Nothing else comes close to our recovery rates. We don't just create recovery, we create lifelong friends and ambassadors. World-over, ex clients refer people to us from every walk of life because they wish to 'pay it forward' to all sufferers... wherever they might be. TheLindenMethod has changed hundreds of thousands of lives and we hope yours is next.

anxiety recovery retreat testimonials the linden method

Book Your Place

Contact us about availability and fees


2021-22 Anxiety Recovery Retreats Program

7th - 10th December - 1 Place Available

10th - 13th January - Limited Places Available

2021 One Day Recovery Workshop Program


10th December - Fully Booked

7th January 2022 - Places Available


01562 702723

Please fill out one of the forms below to receive information by return

A recent client describes his experience with such passion

Hi Beth,

I attended the Anxiety Recovery Retreat this week and just wanted to drop you a message to thank you for all that it has already done for me.  

I'm not being dramatic when I say that a month ago I was not sure if I would be here now to send this email with how bad things had become, and I can't believe how much of a revelation the week was for me. Jenny was incredible in her delivery, with her humour and energy managing to calm and engage a room full of initially terrified people.  

The content was delivered by her in a way that it couldn't not stick.

The meeting with Charles was a really intense experience; I will hold my hands up and say I thought it would be more of an aside to the taught element and a chance to meet the creator of the program and ask a couple of questions, but it was so engaging and powerful.  

With his quiet confidence and immense knowledge on the topic, after that meeting was the first time I knew everything would be ok and I would get through this.  

I'll be honest in that I returned to my room for a quick break and cried tears of relief.

Thank you to yourself for organising these events and for the time and care you took with my wife, Jeni, who was gushing about how fantastic you had been with the loved ones that attended.

And a huge thanks to Sally in your office, who is an absolute treasure and took a great amount of time to talk to me prior to attending when I was at a very low ebb, and nothing was too much trouble for her.  

The other support staff at the event were also great. I now know I am going to be back to a better version of myself, and very quickly gauging by how I currently feel... commitment is one thing I do not lack and I am applying everything I learnt.  

I am truly excited for what is ahead for me.  

I never in a million years thought I would be typing that previous sentence.

If there is anything I can do for you all in the future, in the way of a written or verbal video testimony, I would be delighted to in the hope that it may help and encourage others.  

With the current situation with the World and the impact it is having and will continue to have on people, I shudder to think how many people will find themselves in my situation.  It breaks my heart that many won't be fortunate enough to come across your organisation and what it does like I have, and will end up with years of pain through the conventional medical systems.  

Keep fighting the good fight and improving and saving lives.  

🙂 Thank you once again,

Steven Williams