Fees are dependent on a number of choices, please contact Beth or Sally who can provide you with details of fees and the availability of places.


ANNOUNCEMENT to all current and future Retreat clients.

We are forward booking Retreats now - 30 places per month. We cannot, however, provide exact dates. Clients will be booking on a first-come-first-serve-basis.

We are taking reservations linearly so that everyone gets their place in the sequence in which they booked.  In the interim, when you reserve your place... FROM FRIDAY 20TH MARCH, we will be presenting daily live anxiety support & recovery sessions for clients through our video support portal to which you will receive instant access on booking the Retreat or Workshops.

You will be able to sign in and watch and interact from home. Our recovery practitioners (BACP and BPS) will guide sufferers to recovery and provide support and guidance via phone, email and our video conferencing. You will get face to face guidance and support from home as a member of our recovery programs.  You will also get email support if required. Keep safe and allow us to help you in these difficult times.

Call us on 01562 732078 to reserve your place or enquire about availability and fees.

Beth Linden. Director.

FYI - We are the oldest provider of professional home-access, workshop, corporate, schools and residential recovery, support and psychology (since 1997  we've helped over 340,000 people worldwide) and our NHS testing demonstrated an average efficacy of total recovery.

Our team are amazing in so many ways. Please access their knowledge in these difficult times.

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Contact us about availability and fees

2020 Anxiety Recovery Retreats Program

20th - 23rd October - Limited Spaces

3rd - 6th November - Limited Available

17th - 20th November - Spaces Available

Next 1 Day Recovery Workshop Dates

Friday 6th November


For availability and fees, contact programs coordinators Sally Chinn or Beth Linden on

+44 (0)1562 702720 or email her below

(The above availability is not updated live, please call for latest information.)

Business as Usual!

LTL is a UK registered learning provider and as such, our Retreat and Workshop programs are continuing as scheduled. We adhere to all government policies and safeguards.

PLEASE NOTE: Essential travel is permitted in local lockdowns - Our programs are educational which means that if you are in local lockdown you may still leave to attend our Retreat.

Contact Beth or Sally by Email Below