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A 'loved one' talks about her daughter's experience at our Anxiety Recovery Retreat
Lucy and Rachel talk about their experience at our 
Anxiety Recovery Retreat
Anxiety Recovery Retreat Linden
Anxiety Recovery Retreat Linden
Anxiety Recovery Retreat Linden

A Powerful Video by a Client's Mum.

anxiety recovery retreat testimonial review

Jodie & Jemma Kidd

It's changed my life...

I’ve suffered high anxiety for as long as I can remember, I’m now 58 so that’s been a long time, over the years I have spent thousands on various treatments ranging from seeing psychiatrists at The Priory who have prescribed me various different treatments all with complete failure; being Hypnotised at Harley Street guaranteed success as I’d had my sub conscious re programmed - complete rubbish and cost a fortune, CBT was nothing more than a joke, talking therapy for 4 years complete failure, after more or less becoming resigned too the fact that this was going to be me forever I was recommended the TLM Retreat by my son who went about 3 years ago and it helped him endlessly, so reluctantly I agreed too give it a go went there and must say it’s been the Greatest experience of my life I have stuck to the programme and with hand on heart can honestly say it’s changed my life, I feel so much better in everything I do or think etc and would recommend anyone who’s suffering to do as I did it really does do what it says on the tin

Thanks Charles and fantastic team who work with him all the best keep up the fantastic work 👍

Michael Boyd
A 'loved one', Craig, talks about his partner’s experience at our Anxiety Recovery Retreat
15 year old Hollie tells her story of recovery using our program after 12 traumatic weeks in a famous mental health facility.

Actress Linda Robson talks about Louis’ recovery & her family’s experience at the Anxiety Recovery Retreat

Anxiety Recovery Retreat Linden

James Clarke (ITV TV) talks about his experience at the Retreat

As a result of attending the Retreat and recovering, James is now an ITV news presenter and was awarded Best New Talent at The Royal Television Society Awards in 2014 James came to the Anxiety Recovery Retreat in 2012.

Here he talks about his and his mum’s experience and the recovery he made.

James returned to the Retreat to talk to new clients, deciding to arrive a day early, hence his comment about being there for 5 days.
Marshall, explains how he recovered at our
Anxiety Recovery Retreat
Jane talks about her husband’s experience at our 
Anxiety Recovery Retreat
Recent comments from Retreat attendees about Charles' session

Unbelievably empowering. I just felt a difference after speaking to him and like I can do this. He is crucial to the Retreat
Becky Toms

What an inspiration he is! He connects very well with clients and you realise he has gone through the same anxiety. Thank you so much for spending the time talking to us in a small group
Kieran Broom

Very informative. I think the opportunity to meet the founder of the organisation is a great touch. The advice Charles gave me helped me to connect the dots
Aaron Barnes

Charles group session helped me a lot, I felt amazing afterwards. He explains everything so well and ensures all of your questions are answered

Although I hadn't thought of questions previously, I had lots once I arrive. He was really informative and I was amazed at how much research he had done which reassured me that this method will work. Really inspirational
Zoe Wild

Charles was brilliant, caring, funny and informative. I feel privileged to have met him
Natalie Navenantn
Donna on her husband's recovery
Sean talks about his recovery

American Vogue's Plum Sykes

Actress Glynis Barber

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